Audio, Video & Home cinema


Whether you enjoy FM, DAB or internet radio, streaming services like Napster or Spotify, or have all of your music stored on a hard drive or your smartphone. We have a range of audio solutions that sound great and are easy to use. You can view all your albums, build music playlists, search for music you don’t own and store all your favourite radio stations, so what you want to listen to is always available to you when you want to hear it.

We have speakers to suit any room, from the totally invisible and conventional in-wall and in-ceiling types to bookshelf and floor-standing designs. Outside speakers can provide background music for the patio or a disco in the garden. We love to install turntables and CD players, and if the best audio quality is required we sell a range of separates and speakers from some the world’s most respected HIFi equipment manufacturers.

We install audio systems that will sound great, and have the expertise to advise you on the best options for your budget and requirements.


The quality of TV, video equipment and broadcast material is now better than ever. Whether you like sports, movies, drama or documentaries we can provide you with the very best viewing experience.

If you want to be able to watch your TV content wherever you are in the house, but don’t want to have the clutter of a separate satellite and DVD player in every room, we can centrally distribute the full range of TV channels, internet TV/movie services, satellite, DVD and on-demand video to every screen in High Definition quality. You and your family can even watch something different in the bedroom, the lounge and the bathroom all at the same time.

We can explain the different TV and broadcast formats and advise on known future developments. Our design team can ensure that your TVs are installed as discretely as possible; we have a range of brackets, stands, cabinets and motorised lifts to suit all locations and applications.

With TVs and video sources now offering more and more programmes and services we can guide you through the range of equipment and technologies available and help you choose the best solution for what you want to watch and where you want to watch it.

Home Cinema

Why go to a cinema when you can have a better movie experience at home. Our experienced design team can create stunning home cinemas for dedicated or multi-use rooms.

We design all the technical aspects of a home cinema including screens, projectors, amplification, speakers, lighting and acoustic treatments to give the best performance possible for a given budget. We can even design the interior of your dedicated cinema room, incorporating specialist seating and furnishings to create a fantasy hide-away for your movie enjoyment.

If you prefer movies in your lounge, but still want an immersive cinematic experience, a discreet system that hides itself away while not in use gives you the best of both worlds. Motorised projector screens disappear into the ceiling, projectors can hide away on powered lifts, and in-wall or ceiling speakers leave no trace of the cinema system waiting to take you to another world.

We will explain the different screen formats, projection and sound technologies available, and recommend the best equipment for your budget and requirements

Our passion for the spectacle of movies and home cinema drives our design process to share the experience with you.