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URC PSX-2 iPod Dock

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With over 220 million iPods out there, it is pretty safe to assume that the iPod is here to stay. The iPod began life as a portable music player and seemingly overnight became podcast, photo, video, phone and gaming..  Today the iPod, especially the iPod touch/iPhone, is a great device to use.  And it’s even more lovely when you make it part of your home Hi-Fi or multi-room audio visual system.

Contrary to popular belief, the iPod can sound very good.  It just requires adjusting certain settings in the associated iTunes library so that when CDs are ripped (copied) into iTunes and synced to the iPod, they retain their full bandwidth and are not overly compressed. This can make the iPod ideal as a central music server for your home system. However, because the iPod is based on a limited number of buttons and a small screen, you must constantly navigate up and down through a series of ‘nested’ menus, and remember a ‘mental map’ of where all the special features are accessed this can make any iPod awkward to use when it’s not in the palm of hand.

So what is the best way to make your iPod part of your home system?

The URC PSX-2 is an AV iPod dock, with built in automation for your iPod, that provides simple to use high-end music server functionality using a programmable control system and a TV. As well as all the standard iPod features the PSX-2 also enables non-standard iPod functions like; play more from this artist, shuffle my jazz, alphabetical search and the intuitive ability to create a play list from a keypad, remote control or your TV set, all without having to remove the iPod from its dock or use iTunes.

The URC PSX-2 displays cover art and title information either on your TV screen or on a selected URC remote controls. The PSX-2 also acts as personal jukebox enabling you to add albums or songs to your jukebox and them playing them back without them being stored on the iPod – this is ideal when using a friend’s iPod at a party! The ability to alphabetically search music is another great feature of the PSX-2 , especially if you have a large music collection.

The URC  PSX-2 is £340.00 inc VAT, if you would like to find out more how it could be integrated into your system please contact us.


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