Q Motion Wireless Blinds

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Would you like motorised blinds but don’t have cables for power installed, no problem? We are now authorised dealers for Q Motion battery powered blinds, to complement our existing range of Lutron Sivoia wireless blinds.

Q Motion blinds really are super clever and look great, powered by standard batteries that can last up to 5 years, and when they do need replacing it only takes a couple of minutes to do. However, what is just as impressive is the quality of build, fabric choices and very competitive cost. Q Motion blinds are fully compatible with all of the control systems that we currently install.

If you would like demonstration and browse at the wide range of fabrics available please contact us, we think you will be as impressed as we are.

QMotion 1

Control4 OS2.7

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OS2.7 Operating system – Normally we would not make much fuss about a software update, but this one brings a range of new features that we think greatly improves the Control4 user experience. We particularly like the new, dare we say sexy, heating control interface which makes heating control and scheduling very easy for everybody – saving money on heating has never been so simple!

Contact us if you would like us to upgrade your Control4 system to 2.7.

Control4 Touchscreen Temp

New Control4 Touchscreens

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Faster, Sleeker touchscreens – The new design in-wall Control4 touch screens are now available with twice the screen resolution, significantly faster operation and now with, swipe type, gesture control.

We also now have a new 10’’ size screen to complement the current 7” screen size, we expect to have the new design portable 7” touch screen available for installation by the end of June 2015.

All of the new touchscreens are available with a choice of White or Black finish.

Control4 Touchscren V4

Very Wall Smart

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A recent installation with Wall Smart flush mount Control4  touchscreens, this is a great solution if you do not want the touchscreen proud of the wall.Wall Smart flush fittings are also available for Lutron, Savant, Rako and RTI  wall controls.IMG_2268 IMG_2267

uniDock Stylish & Practical Home Charging

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Every portable media device at home needs charging, which in turn means finding the correct plug-in charger for your device.

Now you can forget about finding the right charger and chargers left plugged in all around the home. The uniDock is a stylish and practical solution to power your Apple, Android and USB devices, The uniDock can be easily fitted to replace a standard single 230V power socket, however unlike other standard USB charging sockets the uniDock has 3 types of connection Apple lightning, Android mini and standard USB,  Apple and Android smartphones can be docked directly on the uniDock or you can use a USB cable for other devices – you can even charge 2 devices at the same time.

Just pull the uniDock away from the wall and twist to find the correct charger for your device,  once the device is charged just push the uniDock back to wall. The LED light on the front of the uniDock can be dimmed if required. Power consumption of a UniDock, when it is not charging, is only 0.3w , which is less than £1 per year.

The uniDock is available in white or black plastic  or anodised metal black or silver finishes.





Wireless Shading

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Even if you don’t have control or power cables for your windows, you can have automated blinds.

The new Lutron Serena and Triathaon wireless blind solutions are available as either roller or honeycomb styles, with a great range of blackout, privacy and sheer fabrics, depending on your room and its function.

Lutron Tiathalon wireless shades can be interfaced with any of our home control solutions, Serena shades are a standalone remote controlled solution where no system integration is required

The Serena and Triathalon shades are a very affordable and neat solution, they work from standard batteries which are very simple to replace, although, with an anticipated battery life of 2-3 years you will not have to do this very often.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a  demonstration of Lutron Serena and Triathlon blinds give us a call.


RTI iPod Dock

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Introducing the new RTI iPod Dock, although a little late to the party the RTI iPod Dock is worth the wait, this is the best iPod docking solution that we have used so far.

Simple navigation and operation of your docked iPod can be either an on-screen TV GUI ( Graphical User Interface) or by using a compatible RTI 2 way touchscreen remote control or keypad.

The sliding tray means your iPod is always securely connected and safe. The RTI dock can either be rack mounted or placed on a tabletop. Once docked you can also sync your iPod with iTunes so you can keep it as a fixed music source for your system.

If you have an RTI system this is the iPod dock for you.


Lutron QS Dynamic Keypad

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Although control system touchscreen keypads, like from Crestron, Control4 and RTI, are a great way to control lights they can sometimes be off-putting to users not familiar with the system. This is why we haven’t advised using a touchscreen as the main lighting control when you enter a room, until now.

The new Lutron Homeworks QS Dynamic keypad is so simple and intuitive to use that it can be located anywhere that you require a bit more Lutron lighting control, without having to have several banks of hard buttons, like a traditional lighting keypad.

The Lutron Homeworks QS Dynamic keypad has been designed to provide simple control of all the features of The Lutron Homeworks QS system, however, it can also give you basic control of your audio system and other automated equipment.

Discrete, simple to use and non-threatening the new Lutron Homeworks QS Dynamic keypad passes the all important ‘visiting Mother in Law’ test.


Control4 now available from Powerplant Home Automation

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After 6 months of deliberation in the office, we’ve decided to jump on board with Control4.

There were a number of factors, namely support for control from Apple “i” devices, excellent built-in music streaming & browsing and the fantastic driver support from the UK based Extra Vegetables.

We are awaiting our demo equipment and are expecting to have installed very shortly. Please contact the office for a demonstration!

Philips Pronto no more

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Our favorite Pronto, big easy to use buttons!

Philips have just released the following statement regarding their Pronto remote control systems:

“In December 2009, Philips announced the intention to relocate some of its existing remote control activities in Leuven, Belgium to Asia. At the same time, the intention was communicated to investigate alternative strategic options for the Pronto business, as this activity no longer fits with the Philips strategy. Following thorough research, no suitable partner was found for the acquisition of these activities. As such, Philips confirms today that it will discontinue the Pronto product line and related activities.”

As well as the Philips Pronto, POWERPLANT also program and install remote control solutions from RTI,  Nevo , Logitech and Crestron, and we are confident that we will continue to be able to provide our customers with the very best control solutions for their systems.