Control, Automation & Systems integration


We think your technology at home, or work, should be simple to use. With a properly specified control system even the most complicated equipment and systems can be made easy for anybody to operate.

The robust control solutions that we install, and program, make the electronic devices you use regularly work seamlessly together. You can have just one controller for all your TV, home cinema and music equipment; adjust the heating in all of your rooms from a single interface, or turn off all of the house lights from a single keypad button.

Choosing the right control for each room and function is also important; having a fixed controller on a wall in a room where you spend your time sitting on the sofa will be frustrating, a portable control unit would be much more useful. An iPad is great for the choosing music but not so good for day to day lighting control where a simple lighting keypad would be much quicker and easier to use. We are always happy demonstrate how our control solutions will work for you at your home, or place of work.

Adding one of our home automation control systems can improve comfort, save energy, add convenience and, importantly, are simple and fun for everybody to use.


If something at home can be automated we can probably integrate it with one of our systems. Whether it is garage doors, garden sprinklers, front gates or intercoms between rooms, we can program it to do what you want, when you want. The doorbell can sound through the speakers in the house at different volumes depending on the time of day, so you won’t miss a delivery but neither will you wake the kids up if the bell rings at night, a motorised lift or picture can hide a TV when it is not being watched and window shutters can be closed for security when you are out.

Although most of the automated systems at home, or work, have their own dedicated control, we can enhance their operation and make them even easier to use.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is the detail of home automation; the stuff behind the scenes that delivers a great user experience, and makes everything work seamlessly.

We can integrate wired and wireless systems so that they operate efficiently; install power management systems that turn off non-essential equipment to save energy when they’re not in use. We use racks and cabinets that provide the necessary ventilation and ease of access for servicing, yet take up the minimum of space. We also provide patch bays for the distribution of telephone and data around the home.

Integrating your equipment and systems enables you to control, monitor, adjust and operate everything simply, without fuss.