Great value touch panels

By May 13, 2010Control

Two new touch panels have caught our eye thanks to the remarkably good value they offer. Both have features that have hitherto commanded a considerably greater asking price. The RTI RK3-V is a flush mount panel that has a high res 3.5 inch screen and can display pretty much anything you fancy but maybe not widescreen movies. Popular applications include weather feeds, jam cam traffic monitoring, CCTV for anywhere on your network – maybe a child’s room or the front door, the list goes on. At £995 this is the most competitively priced high resolution panel we’ve seen and it’s available in a number of finishes to match your décor.

Even more affordable is Universal’s KP-4000, this doesn’t offer the resolution of the RK3-V but at half the price it covers most requirements. You can scroll through your music collection and look at album artwork, check on RSS feeds for stocks and shares, weather etc, tune into radio stations and control lighting. We reckon this is a remarkably versatile panel for the money.