Lighting, Shading & Heating


We believe the importance of good lighting at home, or work, cannot be underestimated. It can transform and enhance any room; with a controlled lighting solution you can make any space more practical and comfortable. Pre-set lighting scenes can change the function and ambience of a space depending on what the room is being used for or the time of day it is being used. Controlled lighting can also save energy, assist with security and make you lighting more functional.

Lighting control keypads save the wall space that rows of switches take up and give far more flexibility in creating the right mood in each room. Lighting scenes and functions can also be operated and modified from smartphones, tablets and touchscreens.

Astronomical clocks can be activated to turn lights on at sunset and off at sunrise, or timers can be used to turn lights on or off at any time of the day or night. Sensors can be incorporated to detect movement or light levels. Our lighting systems can be integrated with other equipment to provide additional convenience and functionality.

We can also help you choose the best light type, switching and dimming technology for your space. A properly designed and installed controlled lighting system is key to a comfortable, practical, safe and energy efficient home.

Shading Solutions

With motorised curtains and blinds we can automate the shading in your home or at work. We can program shades to open and close at specific times or for a particular purpose or event, or simply to close at dusk and open at dawn.

Window shading can have a significant effect on the security, comfort, privacy and the temperature of the home. When it is sunny shades can protect furniture and floors from fading and keep the room cool and in the winter they can insulate and help retain heat. Shades can provide privacy while still enabling a view of the outside, or totally black out all the light for a bedroom or home cinema. The ability to control your shades allows you to accurately allow the best level of light into a room at any time of day.

We can specify and install motorised Roller, Roman, Venetian and Cellular blinds and curtain tracks. For blinds we can advise on the type of fabrics best suited to the location and use. All of the blinds we supply use high quality fabrics which are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Motorised shades also do not have unsightly and potentially dangerous, for children and animals, cords and cables.

Motorised blinds and curtains are a great and worthwhile addition for any home or place of work.


Our heating control solutions let you monitor, schedule and control the heating and cooling systems in your home with precision and ease and enables them to operate efficiently to delivering comfortable temperature when and where required..

Controlled and integrated heating means your home can be heated or cooled when you need it to be, but avoids wasting energy whilst you’re out. You can even control it with an app on your smartphone or tablet either when at home or out and about.

Heating accounts for approximately 60% of your energy costs, being able to heat only the areas that you are using can equate to a considerable saving. It is estimated that only heating rooms whilst they are occupied will save, at least, 20% of your heating costs and reduce your carbon emissions in the process.

We can specify controlled heating solutions for both under-floor and radiator type systems. If you have air conditioning we can provide control, and critically, if you have both heating and cooling systems we can make sure that there is no conflict between them.