uniDock Stylish & Practical Home Charging

By August 8, 2014Uncategorized

Every portable media device at home needs charging, which in turn means finding the correct plug-in charger for your device.

Now you can forget about finding the right charger and chargers left plugged in all around the home. The uniDock is a stylish and practical solution to power your Apple, Android and USB devices, The uniDock can be easily fitted to replace a standard single 230V power socket, however unlike other standard USB charging sockets the uniDock has 3 types of connection Apple lightning, Android mini and standard USB,  Apple and Android smartphones can be docked directly on the uniDock or you can use a USB cable for other devices – you can even charge 2 devices at the same time.

Just pull the uniDock away from the wall and twist to find the correct charger for your device,  once the device is charged just push the uniDock back to wall. The LED light on the front of the uniDock can be dimmed if required. Power consumption of a UniDock, when it is not charging, is only 0.3w , which is less than £1 per year.

The uniDock is available in white or black plastic  or anodised metal black or silver finishes.