Wireless, Security & Commercial


With so many electronic devices in the home using Wi-Fi technology it is critical that you have robust coverage wherever you are in the home. We can design and install wireless systems that ensure you are always connected to the strongest available signal, whether you are in the study, kitchen or the garden.

Wireless security and administration can also be an important consideration; we can set up individual accounts for different users and guests so everybody can have the level of service they require, or you want to allow.

As well as Wi-Fi there can be many other wireless technologies in use in the home including phones, remote controls, lighting and blind controllers. We can eliminate conflicts in the network and ensure that every device you use gets the wireless signal strength that it needs.


To enhance your security, and peace of mind, at home we can supply and install CCTV cameras , wireless door locks and door entry intercoms with audio and video, we can also integrate with your installed alarm system for added system features.

CCTV cameras can be used for security or monitoring, the digital CCTV camera systems that we install provide HD quality resolution, and can be accessed and viewed on your TV, smartphone or tablet. Our range of wireless door locks can provide everybody, who needs access to your property, with a unique timed lock code, you can even receive a text or email so you know when the kids got home or the cleaner turns up.

We can integrate audio and video intercom systems, so you know who is at the door or gate or use them inside the house to let everybody know that dinner is ready. Even water leaks can be detected so that you will be informed straight away if the washing machine floods.

We do not install alarm systems, but we can provide additional features with many installed alarm systems, including status monitoring, text or email alerts and integration with our lighting and CCTV systems.


We have extensive experience of installing systems for commercial premises, including showrooms for Audi, BMW and Ferrari agencies, shops, boardrooms and bars.

We appreciate the special requirements of commercial installations and provide a custom service to suit your budget and requirements. Controlled systems can be just as important in these environments as are elements that you don’t necessarily find in the home like microphones, fire alarm interfaces or on-screen advertising.

As with all our systems, reliability, quality, value for money and ease of use are always priorities.